The founder of Bitt.com, Oliver is a global advocate of digital fiat currency, a serial entrepreneur, and an award-winning recording artist. Championing discussions at the United Nations, International Telecommunications Union, MIT, numerous central banks and speaking events around the world, Oliver is a pioneer in the field of central-bank-issued digital fiat currency. He is also a member of the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project launched in collaboration with the World Bank. Oliver is a seasoned executive and business leader, having served as President, CFO, and Executive Director at Bitt.

In 2017, Oliver entered the digital asset management space, founding BaseTwo.com and Cryptai Analytics. BaseTwo is a venture capital firm focused on protocol and platform investments, and Octaneum White Paper 2018 early-stage initial coin offerings, while Cryptai is a sister company focused on AI behavioral trading. Oliver previously founded CaribHash and Cryptocurrency Capital Management, respectively the Caribbean’s first industrial cryptocurrency mining and a private digital asset investment group. A University of Bristol alumnus from the School of Economics, Finance and Management, Oliver is a seasoned crypto investor.

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