Well-known in blockchain space LDJ Cayman Fund made seven figures commitment to Octaneum’s equity offering that has started just 5 days ago. Octaneum implements blockchain protocol and AI into oil and gas industry. David Drake, Principal of LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd. and Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, is a member of Octaneum’s Advisory Board.

Octaneum brings power of blockchain technology into 5 trillion dollar market providing consulting and custom blockchain software development services to business organizations in the oil and gas industry. Their mission is to deliver innovative software tools to streamline enterprise supply chain management operations. Octaneum’s strategy involves building service-level integrations with enterprise software vendors to ensure seamless integration of blockchain technologies into existing enterprise IT infrastructures. Octaneum is embracing recent advances in blockchain technologies to deliver customizable solutions incorporating live IoT streams, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. They are committed to building partner relationships with domestic and foreign organizations to deliver best-of-class value propositions for the oil and gas industry.

David Drake says, “It is indisputable that supply-chain management is one of the best use cases for blockchain. By implementing blockchain technology and machine learning in the oil and gas industry, Octaneum solutions will improve efficiency and reduce costs. This is universally important to the energy industry.”

LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd. works with global family offices seeking exposure to the Fund’s three-pronged investment strategy in a) global equities, b) managed accounts in commodities and futures and c) crypto assets. The crypto asset division makes larger investments, currently ranging from $1 – $5 million, throughout the capital stack with a hedge fund approach and a long/short crypto strategy.

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